Have you been called by children's stamps?

Which can! By selling children's stamps and other items, Kinderposttempels would like to help as many children as possible who desperately need it. But primary school children cannot come to your door every day. That is why we call people, also with the request to become a donor. And that is desperately needed.

You can be called by Kinderposttempels on one of these telephone numbers:

  • 071 - 2020090
  • 071 - 2206118
  • 071 - 2206248
  • 071 - 2020017


Every child deserves equal opportunities. But too many children are ten-nil behind from the start. That's not fair and unnecessary! More and more often, children have so much on their minds that they get stuck at school, with all the consequences that entails. Children's Stamps helps these children. Near and far. We want to break that vicious circle of setbacks and make a positive switch in the lives of all those children who need it. So that they can go to school freely and happily again. Together with you we can give them a future again!

Been through a lot already

Imagine. A child who grows up in poverty or does not have a safe, stable home situation. Is afraid, has experienced bad things at a very young age, or feels lonely. We don't want to leave these children alone.

Strong together!

Together with our donors, we are committed to equal development opportunities for all children. With many different assistance programs at home and abroad, we ensure that hundreds of thousands of children are in a stronger position. We give them a push. An important push, because in this way we help them grow into balanced adults. A beautiful, resilient new generation.
As a donor of Children's Postage Stamps, you ensure that as many children as possible can overcome their problems and grow up happily and safely. Give children a helping hand and become a donor!

Do you have any questions or wishes? We are happy to help you! Call 0900 – 821 2349 or email us at info@kinderposttempels.nl .

Together we give children superpower

for 100 years