Equal opportunities for every child, regardless of the situation, place or circumstances in which they grow up. That's what Kinderposttempels is committed to! And you can help us with that. How? Below you can see some of the options.

Word donateur

Make the difference!

With your sustainable contribution we can make a difference for children. 365 days a year we help children who need it most, who have no one to turn to or who cannot participate due to mental problems or poverty. Together we ensure that children can take on the world again, today and tomorrow.

Doe een eenmalige gift

Help a child who needs it

With your donation we help children who need some support due to loneliness, poverty or problems at home. This way they can get the best out of themselves and develop optimally.

Doe een periodieke schenking

Support with tax benefits

Support children with maximum tax benefits? With a periodic donation form you record your contribution to Children's Postage Stamps for (min.) 5 years. This means that your donation is fully deductible from your income tax every year. This way you can get back up to half of your donations from the Tax Authorities.

Maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen

Support as a company

As a company you can also contribute to a better world for children who need it most. In this way, your organization contributes to a socially responsible form of entrepreneurship.

Bestel online!

Children's stamps, plasters, cards...

Didn't you have a child at the door during the children's stamp campaign? No worries! You can easily and quickly order children's stamps, cards and other fun products via our webshop. With your order you ensure that children can take on the world, today and tomorrow.

Voor kinderen door kinderen

Order during the children's stamp campaign

During the children's stamp campaign, 125,000 children go door to door to sell our products. By ordering from a child you ensure that children can take on the world, today and tomorrow. The children's stamp campaign takes place every year in the last week of September.

Zorgen voor de kinderenvan morgen

Bequest to Children's Postage Stamps

Do you want to do something nice for children? And are you considering leaving a legacy to Kinderposttempels? With your legacy you make a positive contribution to their future and you can make a difference for children who are not going well. This way you leave something very special behind. Leaving a legacy for Children's Postage Stamps means thinking about the future.

afspraken op maat

Asset fund

Capital funds that also help children can use the expertise and networks of Kinderposttempels to achieve their objectives.

bepaal zelf het doel

Named fund

A named fund is a very personal way to substantially support Kinderposttempels projects. You determine the purpose for which you want to contribute.

koop een lot

National zip code lottery

Would you also like to play the National Postcode Lottery? You then support our work and the work of 98 other charities. So your money is well spent and you have a chance to win small and large prizes every month.

én steun kinderpostzegels

Play the friends lottery

By playing with the Friends Lottery via Kinderposttempels, you not only have a chance to win great prizes every day, but you also support children who desperately need it. 40% of your lottery contribution comes to us, and therefore goes to children who cannot get the best out of themselves due to poverty, loneliness or problems at home. A win-win!

Together we give children superpower

For 100 years