al 100 jaar

about Kinderpostzegels

Kinderpostzegels is the charity organization with and for children. We stand for equal opportunities for every child. Many children are 10-0 behind in life. Poverty, loneliness and problems at home prevent them from getting the best out of themselves.

Kinderpostzegels is there for these children.

Because every child deserves equal opportunities. We provide impactful programs that strengthen the resilience of children, near and far. And within which children think, act and decide for themselves.

In this way, Kinderpostzegels makes a difference with and for children 365 days a year.

Our history

Kinderpostzegels have been strengthening the resilience of children for 100 years. We look back on a great history, with special highlights. Did you know, for example, that we were the founders of De Kindertelefoon? And that the children's stamp campaign has been officially included in the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Inventory?

Onze aanpak

Mission vision

Every child deserves equal opportunities. But too many kids are already 10-0 behind from the start. For example, because they grow up in poverty or do not have a safe home, are anxious or feel lonely.
And that's not fair. Because all children have the same right to develop as best as possible.

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de organisatie

Our organizational structure

The organization of the Children's Postage Stamps Foundation consists of the Projects and Programs, Marketing and Communication and Operations departments. 35 people work at our head office in Leiden.