The children's stamp campaign: a living tradition

The children's stamp campaign is a traditional Dutch tradition that is even an intangible cultural heritage. More than 125,000 children from all corners of the country come together every year to take action for their peers - and have done so for generations.

The children's stamp campaign was devised by schoolmaster Verheul from Waarder. In 1948 he let the children from his class go door to door with children's stamps. Educational and useful at the same time, he thinks. It turns out to be a great success. A year later, the national children's stamp campaign starts as it still does today: for children, by children.

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All children's stamps since 1924

In 1924, a royal decree stipulated that stamps may be issued in the Netherlands with a surcharge 'for the deprived child'. That year, volunteers sold the first children's stamps.

Since then, stamps have appeared in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors. View the overview from year to year.