Children's Postage Stamps launches campaign: 'Together we give children superpower'

May 27, 2024

Kinderposttempels has been around for 100 years and is today launching the campaign 'Together we give children superpower'. Together with Havas Lemz, Kinderposttempels developed an original campaign that focuses on the resilience of children. The image of a trampoline, in the shape of a postage stamp, is reflected in all expressions. It symbolizes resilience and the safety net that the organization has been committed to providing for 100 years. 'Together we give children superpower' wants to show children who are having difficulty that they are not alone and to tell the Netherlands that Kinderposttempels can make a major positive impact with their support. The campaign starts today with expressions on TV, outdoors and online.

In the Netherlands, hundreds of thousands of children face great worries, due to poverty, loneliness or problems at home. These children lack a safety net in their lives and a good basis for being resilient.

Sanne Penders, Head of Marketing Communications & Fundraising at Kinderposttempels: " We asked Havas Lemz to develop a campaign that makes visible what resilience is and why it is so important for children. Resilience is a superpower in your head and in your heart that helps to deal with difficult situations. It was important to find the right balance between a mediagenic campaign that emphasizes the power of children and the severity of the problems that some children face. I am incredibly proud of the result beautifully portrays the positive power of children and shows what Kinderposttempels does: we work every day to strengthen the resilience of children - and have done so for a hundred years. "

Resilience visualized

The TV commercial, produced by Soda Films, starts by talking about the necessity of Kinderposttempels' work. The voice-over is recorded by Sarah Janneh, known from Klokhuis. Filmed from above, we see children being cushioned by a trampoline, a symbolic safety net. We see them bounce back and literally become resilient. When the camera zooms out, it is visible that the trampoline has the shape of a stamp, a reference to the well-known children's stamp campaign. The word superpower connects with the perception of children. The image of the trampoline and the playful colors purple and orange were chosen for the entire campaign. All communications also feature a festive orange ribbon, representing the celebration of 100 years of Children's Postage Stamps.

Tim Claassen, Head of Strategy at Havas Lemz: " How do we use this anniversary year to relaunch Children's Postage Stamps, as the organization that strengthens the resilience of children? By showing that together we can give children Superpower. If you tap into that inner strength, it gives you energy and helps you feel free again. The TV commercial, with children in the leading role, shows what Superpower does with children and is the start of the campaign, which consists of a series of great actions and moments in which everyone can participate. to give children Superpower.

The advertisements can be seen on TV, outdoors and online over the next three weeks. The second phase of the media campaign will take place in September, around the national children's stamp campaign. During the anniversary year, Kinderposttempels will work with partners such as PostNL, KPN Mooiste Contact Fonds, Hallmark and Intertoys to strengthen the message of this long-term campaign. Various expressions of the campaign style can be seen throughout the year.

together we give children superpower

For 100 years