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LanceringSingle 'superkracht'

Today, together with the new pop group Children for Children NXT, Kinderposttempels is launching the single ' Superpower ', which is also the theme of 100 years of Kinderposttempels. The music was produced by one of the most successful Dutch DJs ever: Armin van Buuren.

PostNL & Kinderpostzegelsgeven kinderen superkracht

In honor of our 100-year collaboration, PostNL and Kinderposttempels have decided to pass on the superpower of the cyclists of Team dsm-firmernich PostNL to children in poverty.

Kinderpostzegelslanceert campagne

Today we are launching the campaign ' Together we give children superpower '. The image of a trampoline, in the shape of a postage stamp, is central to all communications. It symbolizes resilience and the safety net that we have been committed to for 100 years. '

Samenfamilies versterken

Children's Stamps and the OranjeFonds are launching the Strengthening Families Together program for social initiatives in the Dutch Caribbean. The program focuses on equal opportunities, resilience and talent development for children.

Hallmarkdé kaartenpaartner!

Children's Postage Stamps and Hallmark are joining forces and will jointly create special greeting card series for the children's stamp campaign in the coming years.

Kinderpostzegels bestaat100 jaar

Children's Postage Stamps has been around for 100 years. Since 1924, the charity organization - known for its...
annual children's stamp campaign - is committed to helping children who are having difficulties.

Kinderen willen inspraak inkabinetsformatie

On Tuesday, January 9, Children's Postage Stamps, the Disabled Child Foundation and Jantje Beton presented the results of a large national survey among children aged 8 to 14 years.

De Kinderportemonnee:kinderen bepalen!

Extra support for children who live in poverty or have problems at home: hundreds of primary school students have jointly determined in recent months where Kinderposttempels should spend extra money.

Together we give children superpower

for 100 years