Kinderposttempels is publishing a special anniversary newspaper together with KidsWeek

June 6, 2024

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Children's Postage Stamps, a special Superpower Newspaper was published this week. This publication is a collaboration between Kinderposttempels, DPG Media and KidsWeek. This unique edition was made for and by children. The theme of the newspaper is 'past, present and future' and is delivered to primary schools and subscribers at the same time as the regular KidsWeek.

Six enthusiastic child reporters - Enora, Jasmijn, Carice, Santiago, Tom and Adit - have been working as real editors in recent weeks. Jasmijn and Carice visited volunteers from the Kindertelefoon, Adit visited the Royal Joh. Enschedé - the place where the Children's Stamps are printed - and Tom spoke to a teacher about the secret of selling children's stamps and how the campaign contributes to the group feeling in the classroom.

Caris also spent a day with Sofie Vriends, the director of Kinderposttempels, and Santiago wrote a nice article about the film Superpowers for your Head by Dylan and Marit Haegens.

At the beginning of April, the would-be reporters were given a tour of the Kidsweek editorial office by editor-in-chief Maartje Dammers, after which they learned the tricks of the trade in a workshop. After interviewing and writing, the six child reporters approved the newspaper earlier this week and it was forwarded to the printer. And the end result is impressive. Eight pages packed with articles and facts about Children's Postage Stamps.

100 years of children's stamps
Children's Postage Stamps celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. We look back on a great history and we take full action for the children of today and tomorrow. Many children are 10-0 behind in life and therefore miss something essential: a good basis for being resilient. Together with the whole of the Netherlands, we strengthen the resilience of these children. Together we give children superpower.

together we give children superpower

For 100 years