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Playing for success

Believe in yourself

Lack of self-confidence can have major consequences for children, for example at school. If things don't go well at school for a while, children can start to believe that they really can't do it. The knowledge is often there, but they do not dare to ask for help or speak out in class. Together with Playing for Success, we offer these children the opportunity to build up a good dose of self-confidence in a few weeks during an after-school program.

'A learning goal for Curt was to trust people more, that has to do with his past. I think he's made quite some progress in that!'

- foster father Curt (Playing for Success participant)

Learning with a wow factor

Children aged 9-14 come together at a special location, such as a theater or a football stadium. Places where you are normally not allowed to walk around, that makes it extra special! There they do all kinds of activities to learn new things together in a positive, fun way. Working together, standing up for yourself better, persevering - even when you find it difficult - and daring to ask questions: everything is covered.

More confidence

The children see that they are not the only ones who encounter problems and they discover that they can learn. This gives them more self-confidence and because they feel better about themselves, they often do better at school.

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