Hallmark becomes the card partner of Kinderposttempels

Hallmark becomes the card partner of Kinderposttempels

Making an even greater impact for children together

Children's Postage Stamps and Hallmark are joining forces and will jointly create special greeting card series for the children's stamp campaign in the coming years. Both organizations thus devote attention and connection to children who are on their own.

If you were to look for a suitable greeting card to go with it, it would be a hurray card: Hallmark and Children's Postage Stamps are going to work together! Hallmark becomes the official card partner of Kinderposttempels. A collaboration that both parties are very happy with. The kick-off takes place in the year that Kinderposttempels celebrates its 100th anniversary - extra special because Hallmark itself has been around for more than 100 years.

Greeting and holiday cards

Hallmark will develop both the theme cards and the holiday cards for the annual children's stamp campaign for at least the next three years. Both card series are popular promotional products, in addition to the children's stamps themselves. The design of the stamps and cards will be unveiled at the end of June.

This year's Hallmark card sets will be sold at the door during the children's stamp campaign from Wednesday, September 25 to Wednesday, October 2, 2024, and online via Hallmark also sells the cards via its own webshop, where they can be sent directly to the recipient with a personal message. Next year, the special holiday cards will also be available through Hallmark retail outlets.

Making an impact for children together

With this collaboration, Hallmark becomes one of Kinderposttempels' impact partners. Both organizations find each other on the themes of attention and connection, and in the desire to help children who are on their own. Sofie Vriends, director of Kinderposttempels: “Just as a card and a stamp belong together, our collaboration is so logical. Hallmark stands for the personal attention that we also find so important. Kinderposttempels is committed to helping children who are completely alone, for example due to problems at home. We ensure that they have a strong safety net and do not feel lonely. I'm sure the beautiful card series resulting from the collaboration with Hallmark will inspire people to do something for children who are struggling.”

Valuable relationships

Jan Willem Koch, Managing Director of Hallmark, is also happy with the partnership. “We believe that life is about valuable relationships. Loving attention and unconditional support are essential. We are happy to contribute to supporting children for whom these things are not self-evident. In keeping with our mission to inspire people to let their hearts speak, this year's theme cards have been specially designed to empower the recipient. The cards are perfect to give children a boost in self-confidence.”

Together we give children superpower

for 100 years