Geef alle kinderen een kans om mee te doen

Business action

Every child should have the opportunity to participate in the children's stamp campaign. Because by participating, children learn to work selflessly for others. But unfortunately, some neighborhoods are not safe enough for children to go door to door. That is why we are also organizing a company campaign.

Does your company give these children a chance?

During the company campaign, a school class of about twenty children will come to your office for an hour. What a special moment on an ordinary working day! You can order our special children's stamps, cards and other fun products from them. This way these boys and girls still get the opportunity to contribute. And… Maybe they will discover a sales talent within themselves. In any case, they will get a unique glimpse into your kitchen. A great experience in business.

Is your company suitable for the promotion?

Would you like to contribute to a bit of Corporate Social Responsibility in the region? Want to make participation in the children's stamp campaign possible for a school class? You can participate in our company campaign if there are more than two hundred employees working in your company. Because every child in the class naturally wants to ensure a full order list!

This is how the Children's Postage Stamps business campaign works

A school class of twenty children will visit your office for an hour to sell children's stamps to all employees.
Is your company also participating in the Children's Postage Stamps business campaign?

Please contact Elfi Josemans, strategic partnerships relationship manager, via or by telephone on 06-52833578.

What do we ask of you?

  • One employee sets aside approximately two hours for preparation.
  • Within the company you announce the promotion in advance; for example via intranet, but we also have nice posters for the office.
  • At least four employees supervise the school class during the sale.
  • Someone from your company gives a nice talk to the children. The director would of course be great!
  • You provide drinks and something tasty for the children upon arrival.

What are we doing?

  • We inform the school and your company about the method of the campaign.
  • There is a permanent contact person on our behalf for all information and answers to your questions.
  • A supervisor comes with the class.
  • We also supply the materials the children need to take orders.
  • If necessary, we will arrange transport for the children.