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Provide loving attention together

We believe that children can develop well socially and socially with the right attention. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the chance to have such a stable and positive influence. Children who grow up in low-income families, who have little self-confidence or who are unsure about their own abilities or the Dutch language, quickly find themselves 10-0 behind.

If a child does not receive the right attention, this can lead to major problems. They try less hard at school, they skip school more, they show aggressive behavior more often and the chance of drinking alcohol or using drugs increases. Having developmental relationships - for example in the form of an adult mentor, a Big Friend - can contribute to positive behavior, social and emotional development and school performance.

Together with Big Friends, we ensure that these children get the attention they need. Something relatively small, such as doing something fun with a buddy every week, can have a huge (positive!) impact in a child's life. For example, by going to the theater or the library, taking a cooking workshop or simply playing outside, children discover new talents. This attention helps them function better in their daily lives and thus become more self-reliant and self-confident.

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Otie (47 jaar)

“Dani has really blossomed in just a few months”

“Dani's world was literally and figuratively limited. He does not have his own room and lives with his mother and sisters in a small apartment. He grew up with a different culture, he prefers to play games 24 hours a day and he never left his Overvecht neighborhood.

When we were paired together 1.5 years ago, a world opened up for both of us.

We do a lot of fun things together. That could be a visit to the theater or a museum, but rapping together in the car makes us just as happy. Or a game of chess in the park, that's what he taught me! Dani is a super smart guy, but he was very introverted. He was not a talker, had little self-confidence and had nowhere to express himself. And this during that important time in his life, when he must be able to develop and develop. Dani has completely blossomed recently. He even walks and looks more confident. Purely because of that little bit of extra attention! Many people often find it difficult to invest time in others. They might prefer to donate some money. But what you get in return for that loving attention, both Dani and I, is priceless.”

Zeggen wat ik voel

“I find working with other children and talking to adults difficult. My buddy is very good at chatting and I learn a lot from that. I never dared to give my opinion, but now I can say what I feel much better!”

Boaz (13 years)


“Hope was ashamed that her Dutch is not yet perfect. She has learned that it is okay to make mistakes. In recent months she has started to talk more and more easily.”

Father of Hope (10 years)


“Raya has become more aware of her behavior towards others, which means she can now interact much better with her classmates.”

Big friend of Raya (11 years)

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