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Follow your Sun

Reduce uncertainty, bullying behavior and fear of failure

Lack of self-confidence can be caused by a lack of future prospects or personal attention, performance pressure and high expectations or, for example, the feeling of not being able to be yourself. Children are then afraid of not being good enough, which means they cannot develop properly.

Fortunately, your self-confidence can also be strengthened through personal attention and reflection, space to be yourself and time to develop your talents. We believe that every child deserves equal development opportunities and therefore support the Follow your Sun workshops. During this ten-part series of lessons, students develop a more positive self-image and learn to interact with each other in a more loving and conscious way. The aim of the lessons is to reduce uncertainty, bullying behavior and fear of failure. And to strengthen students' confidence, social-emotional development and self-reliance.

Beaming towards the first grade

To help students from group 8 go to the first grade with self-confidence and pleasure, Follow your Sun trainers give 'Radiant to the first grade' series of lessons at various schools in the Netherlands. This series of lessons consists of 10 weekly lessons of 1.5 hours in which children discover and learn to use their talents and those of their classmates. By discussing themes such as 'challenges in secondary school', 'making new friends' and 'daring to be yourself', the children are well prepared for this new and exciting phase.

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