Named fund

Determine the goal yourself, via a registered fund.

A named fund is a very personal way to substantially support the projects of the Children's Postage Stamps Foundation. You determine the purpose and name of the fund and Kinderposttempels reports every year on how the money has been spent. Private individuals, foundations and companies can set up such a fund, under the umbrella of Children's Postage Stamps. You do this during your lifetime through a donation by notarial deed or through a disposition in your will.

As the holder of a registered fund, you must consult KinderpostZeals in advance about the purpose of the activities. You also discuss the frequency and size of the payments. You benefit from the knowledge and experience available at Kinderposttempels, without being burdened with organizational and administrative issues.

The advantages of a registered fund:

  • You make a very personal and long-term contribution to the safety and development of vulnerable children
  • You determine the name, purpose and term of your fund yourself
  • Your donation is fully tax deductible
  • Kinderposttempels reports annually on the results and, if desired, mentions your fund in the annual report
  • You have no organizational and administrative hassle.

Your own registered fund in just a few steps:

  • Think about which theme or country interests you
  • Determine what you want to achieve with your registered fund
  • Come up with a name for your fund
  • Determine the term (minimum five years) and the amount you want to donate (minimum total € 50,000)
  • Discuss your ideas with Children's Postage Stamps
  • Determine what part of the assets is released for use each year.

more information?

Please contact Elfi Josemans , telephone 06-52833578 .