How do I arrange my inheritance?

More and more people are wondering how they can support a good cause like the Children's Postage Stamps Foundation through their will. What options are there? How is inheritance law structured? How do I draw up a will? Who will take care of my affairs if I can no longer do so myself?

Drawing up a will is a process. Most people do not make decisions overnight and first orientate themselves to determine their personal wishes and ideas. They then have this put on paper at the notary. It often gives you peace of mind that everything is well arranged and will be carried out exactly as you want. Below you can briefly read the steps to be taken.

What steps do you take?


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It is easy to have a will drawn up at the notary or changed. The notary can work with you to ensure that the correct principles and provisions are included in your will. This means that your estate will be executed and distributed exactly as you wish. The notary can take the work off your hands. This way you can trust that everything will be arranged when you are no longer there

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Heir or legacy

First of all, consider who you want to appoint as heirs.
You can also consider whether you want to include legacies in your will and to whom you want to leave them. A legacy is a recorded part of your inheritance, for example a painting or house. Or a fixed amount. Or a certain percentage of your assets.

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If necessary, appoint an executor. An executor arranges the settlement of your estate after your death. This could, for example, be a family member, good friend or notary.
You can also appoint the Children's Postage Stamps Foundation as executor, in consultation. We would like to discuss your personal wishes with you.

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To draw up your will, make an appointment with a notary . You discuss your wishes with each other. The notary will explain the legal aspects and you can contact the notary with all your questions. The notary will then create a draft will that you can read at home. Are your wishes well described? Then you make a follow-up appointment to sign the will. Or make a will yourself. We work together with NuTestament. There you can easily arrange a will online, for a fixed low amount and at your own pace. Discover how it works on .

All data needed

All information required by the notary to include Children's Postage Stamps in your will:

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What suits you?

In our brochure 'Caring for the children of tomorrow' you can read all about the different forms of legacy and you can see what suits you.
Do you have any personal wishes or special questions about this? Please feel free to contact us. You are in control, but we are happy to help you. Call 071 – 525 98 25 or .

Kirsten Snel
Kirsten Snel

I would be happy to assist you

My name is Kirsten Snel and I am happy to help you if you have any wishes or questions about leaving a legacy to Kinderposttempels. Or if you would like a personal conversation. You can contact me on 071 - 525 98 25. Or via .

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