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By leaving a legacy to Kinderposttempels, you contribute to a better world with equal opportunities for children. Where they receive the help and attention they need to develop positively. With your legacy, small or large, you contribute to their future. And that is a nice thought.

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In our brochure 'Caring for the children of tomorrow' you can read all about the different forms of legacy and you can see what suits you.
Do you have any personal wishes or special questions about this? Please feel free to contact us. You are in control, but we are happy to help you. Call 071 – 525 98 25 or .

Kinderposttempels is also affiliated with . Here you will find many practical tips and information to help you make choices.


You can also take our free TestamentTest . This will help you to clarify what is important for your will. Maybe you don't have a will yet and you would like to know whether you need one? Or would you like to know whether your current will is still sufficient?
With the TestamentTest you will receive a free personal report in which you can read what applies to your situation and which parts are essential to include in your will. You will also receive tips on how and where you can have a will drawn up.

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Would you like to know more about this special way of donating and leaving children? Request our brochure with all the information without obligation .

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Are you curious about leaving a legacy to Children's Postage Stamps but don't know exactly how? Or do you have questions about drawing up or amending your will? The videos from the series below can help you with this.

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Kirsten Snel
Kirsten Snel

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My name is Kirsten Snel and I am happy to help you if you have any wishes or questions about leaving a legacy to Kinderposttempels. Or if you would like a personal conversation. You can contact me on 071 - 525 98 25. Or via .

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