veilige plek

Room for a Child

A place where you can retreat for a while

It is important for children in a foster family to have their own room. A place where they can retreat and have some privacy. But not every foster family has enough rooms.

Help with renovation

There are 16,717 foster families in the Netherlands who lovingly care for these children, even though they do not actually have a room to spare. In order to offer more children a home, the foster family sometimes needs to undergo renovations. Kinderposttempels helps foster parents with this.

What are we doing?

Kinderposttempels supports foster families to create extra rooms for foster children. For example, by installing a dormer window or skylight, or by purchasing a bed and cupboards. So that every (foster) child has its own place.

As of April 1, 2024, the implementation of Kamer voor een Kind has been taken over by our partner Foundation Support for Foster Families. If you have any questions, you can visit theKamer voor een Kind website or via email:

"Sometimes children experience unpleasant and unsafe situations at home, which makes it better for them to live in a foster family. Children whose parents are (temporarily) unable to care for them properly are also taken care of in a foster family."

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