Mission and vision

Every child deserves equal opportunities.

But too many kids are already 10-0 behind from the start.
For example, because they grow up in poverty or do not have a safe home, are anxious or feel lonely.
And that's not fair.
Because all children have the same right to develop as best as possible.

Adults can help children.
But children also want to help each other.
They enjoy being involved: children for each other.
In this way they develop into people who can be who they want to be.
To adults with a big heart.
And that is important, because today's children are tomorrow's adults.

We are Children's Stamps.
The charity organization of and by children.
We offer exciting programs, raise funds to develop them and enable children to help each other.
We put equal children's opportunities on the map.
With everyone.
So that attention and resources grow.
And children can go to school freely and happily .
Where they all have the same opportunities to develop.
We are deploying all auxiliary forces for this.

We challenge children.
With time and attention to experience together, share stories and learn from each other.
Because doing new things is exciting.
That takes a lot of courage.
By growing them yourself, they become confident.
Our stimulating programs connect.
In this way, children help each other to deal with setbacks.
And to dare and do things.
So that they give themselves and each other the best future.

There is so much to do, we cannot do it alone.
We go for it together with our partners.
We use our familiarity, experience and relationships with schools to make our programs successful.
We are the driving force behind together.
Money is needed to make a big impact.
But not only that.
Involvement, knowledge and cooperation are indispensable.
That is why we ask for the attention of all people.
With your contribution you ensure that children can tackle the world together, today and tomorrow.

The children's stamp has been around for almost 100 years. We will continue to work for equal opportunities for children for the next 100 years. Although we hope that we will no longer be needed by then. Because every child and every adult naturally helps someone else.

Future vision

How are we going to help children in the coming years? How do we set up our organization? And how are we going to raise funds to achieve our goals?

Together we give children superpower

For 100 years