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Working together for the neighborhood

Some children could use some extra support. They get fewer opportunities or are not understood. Our partner Move links these children to student volunteers. They learn to work together and understand each other's world. This reduces mutual differences and misunderstandings.

Help each other

With small or larger projects, the children work with students to think about how they can do something for the neighborhood or for someone else. For example, they organize a sporting event or a clean-up campaign. The talents and possibilities of the children are used. They get to know each other better, are encouraged to be active citizens and their self-confidence grows.

What are we doing?

Kinderposttempels wants all children to be able to go to school with confidence. With the Move in 1 day and Move your neighborhood projects, we give children extra support to use their talents and get to know other worlds.

Knowing more? Check out the website of our partner Move.

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