The organisation

The organization of the Children's Postage Stamps Foundation consists of the Projects and Programs, Marketing and Communication and Operations departments. 35 people work at our head office in Leiden.

The Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board appoints the management and approves the drawn up policy and multi-year plans. In addition, the Council is responsible for approving the foundation's budget and annual accounts. This is also laid down in the articles of association of the Children's Postage Stamps Foundation.

The Supervisory Board consists of:

  • MC de Wilde MBA, chairman
  • Dr. CL Carabain
  • Drs. O. Ermek
  • Mr. ALAM Stammeijer
  • Drs. MP van Leeuwen-Verhaar
  • Drs. JP Dekkers RA

The direction
The management of the Netherlands Children's Postage Stamps Foundation lies with the management. The management and department heads together form the management team. The director is Sofie Vriends.

Projects and programs
This department is responsible for developing and implementing programs aimed at the development of vulnerable children, at home and abroad. Activities within the programs may include: financing partner projects, establishing strategic partnerships, capacity strengthening, advocacy and/or research. Head of the department is Titia Wouters.

Marketing, Communications and Fundraising
The Marketing, Communication and Fundraising department raises awareness of the Children's Postage Stamps Foundation and organizes activities and promotions year-round to raise funds. The Service and Information team is also housed within this department, which, among other things, provides customer service. The department jointly organizes the annual Children's Postage Stamp Campaign, which it coordinates from A to Z. Head of the department is Sanne Penders.

Business management
The Operations department has a supporting role. A number of organizational components fall under this department, namely: finance, automation, HR and facilities. Head of the department is Oscar Ruigrok.

Remuneration policy
The Netherlands Children's Postage Stamps Foundation follows the Collective Labor Agreement for Youth Care and the wage function structure contained therein. The management salary is scaled according to the Collective Labor Agreement for Youth Care and complies with the Advisory Regulations for Management Positions in Charities, which is included in the code of conduct for Good Governance for Charities.

Remuneration of the Supervisory Board
The members of the Supervisory Board are unpaid and can claim any travel expenses incurred. Only a few people use this.

Audit committee regulations

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