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Collaborating Health Funds

Too much stress can make you sick

Not every child has a carefree, happy childhood. Many children are bullied, neglected or abused, have to deal with the death of a parent or an unpleasant divorce. That causes a lot of stress, fear and uncertainty.

These drastic experiences often form an underlying factor for unhealthy behavior and health damage. We want to prevent children from becoming so damaged. By teaching children, young people and parents, for example, to recognize and deal with stress. Children need to know that they can seek support to talk about their situation.

"Adverse experiences can control your life. Find support and talk about it. That helps. You are not alone."

What are we doing?

Kinderposttempels supports the Healthy Generation program of the Collaborating Health Funds. We want to prevent children from literally becoming ill from too much stress and also from adults passing on their own bad experiences to their children.

Together we develop information for parents, children and young people, care providers and schools in order to explain in an accessible way the consequences of stressful events in childhood on the brain. With a hopeful, positive message: something can be done about it.

Knowing more? Check the Health Funds website.

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