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School's Cool

Preventing early school leaving

The School's Cool project seeks a personal mentor for children who are stuck. The mentor (volunteer) provides extra attention and guidance. The individual coaching motivates and promotes self-confidence, which increases the chance of better learning results and reduces the chance of dropping out of school.

"At first I thought it was exciting, because I didn't know what to expect. But Joop just helps me a lot. We talk a lot about school and my day; things that I like or that irritate me."

- Nick (14 years)

Individual guidance and motivation

The mentor meets regularly with the student. They then look at the homework schedule together, the mentor gives tips on how to learn better, but also teaches, for example, to dare to ask questions. It is nice to have someone who, besides your parents, helps you to do well at school.

Involve parents too

The mentor comes to the child's home and is aware of the school situation. He also involves the parents and can, for example, consult with the school, if the parents wish. Guidance for both the child and the parents ensures better educational opportunities for vulnerable children and that is important, because every child has the right to equal opportunities.

Knowing more? Check out the website of our partner Schoolscool.

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