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Triple Threat

Setting a good example

We believe it is important that all children have equal opportunities to develop socially and socially. In so-called deprived neighborhoods, many children grow up with a lack of attention, money, perspective or even love. Because they often feel misunderstood, unheard and frustrated, they rebel against society and all imposed negative labels are confirmed.

In the Schalkwijk district of Haarlem, there was a lot of hanging out on the street, which was labeled as a problem area. But the main focus was on what these children and young people cannot do.

When children feel like they don't matter, their self-esteem, self-confidence and motivation to make something happen decreases. Because what's the point, why would they?

“With the right attention you can be who you are and become what you want”

By believing that everyone has opportunities, and by showing what can be done for you, a child can dream and develop again. With the use of sports, culture and lifestyle, we create a positive environment together with Triple ThreaT in Schalkwijk. A community of and for young people, where they progress with their own efforts and with the help of coaches
assisted. By giving each other the feeling that you can really do something, through that loving attention, we see children grow.

Knowing more? Then take a look at the website of our partner Triple ThreaT

What started years ago as a game of basketball on the street has grown into one of the largest communities in Haarlem. Three generations talk about how Triple Threat gave them structure, perspective and life lessons.

“Ik heb er een supergrote familie bij gekregen”

Future professional basketball player
Kaylen (11 years)

“I came into contact with Triple ThreaT through my father. I was always allowed to go to his basketball games, and when I was five years old I started training myself. When my father became ill, he could no longer exercise. My team caught
me and I can always contact my coach.

Later I also want to work at TTT, where I am already learning how to organize things and how to help people. Even when I'm not playing basketball, I can be found here a lot. Triple ThreaT feels like home and the people here are my family. I was even able to have my birthday party there!”

“Hier zagen ze wélwat ik waard ben."

Coach Kevin (24 years)

“When I was sixteen
When I came to live in this neighborhood, I didn't know anyone. Things were not always easy for me at school, the qualities I had were not noticed by anyone. I came to Triple ThreaT for a haircut. Here they saw what I could do and what I was worth. At TTT I am a big brother, a listening ear, a coach and a role model. I help young people with sports lessons, I give workshops at schools and I am on the board.

If you had told me four years ago that I would be pursuing a higher professional education, I would have laughed in your face. But I'm almost done now. Thanks to TTT I have been able to develop myself and my talents to the maximum and I now help kids to do the same.”

“Het goede voorbeeldgeven helpt”

Founder Okrah (34 years)

“Without a network, some children do not get the attention or guidance they need. If you have a goal in mind, you should be able to achieve it. Do you want something related to sports, music, media or something completely different? At Triple ThreaT it is possible.

With the help of coaches and the efforts of the children themselves, we help them progress. Every generation can help the next, that is our strength. At TTT we strongly believe in 'lead by example': setting a good example, so that children and young people can develop and make optimal use of their qualities.”

together we give children superpower

For 100 years