Gift for you: Children's stamps Resilience Fan

Resilience is a superpower in your head and your heart. With the Children's Postage Stamps Resilience Range you can easily get started with resilience in your group. A gift from Children's Postage Stamps for all primary schools - including yours!

Cheerful excitement in teacher Jelle's class. Group 8 is working on an assignment from the Children's Postage Stamps Resilience Range. All primary schools in the Netherlands recently received a Resilience Fan*, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Children's Postage Stamps. Jelle: “It immediately inspired me to get started. Because without resilience a child is nowhere.”

Whatever happens
Resilience: this is the ability to deal with problems and difficult situations. A personal superpower. “You are resilient if you can bounce back after a setback,” explains Marieke Andriesse, program coordinator at Kinderposttempels. “That is something different than just 'being strong'. All emotions are part of it. Learning about yourself and how to help each other are very important elements of resilience.”

Marieke came up with the idea for the Resilience Waaier due to the anniversary of Children's Postage Stamps. “Kinderposttempels is the expert in the field of resilience. We have been committed to strengthening the resilience of children for 100 years. We share that mission with education. As a thank you for the efforts of all those dedicated teachers, we wanted to give something back. That has become the Resilience Fan.”

Growth areas
Pedagogue Rianne Vierboom was involved in the development of the Resilience Fan. She is a resilience specialist at the Leer- & Resilience organization. “Based on scientific research, we were able to define ten growth areas . When children practice this, they strengthen various aspects of their resilience. All games and exercises in the Resilience Fan contribute to one or more growth areas. Personally, I think the growth area 'Gratitude & Happiness Activities' is a nice one. Children can train their brains to notice and feel grateful moments. In this way they create a positive basic attitude. Very valuable!”

The Resilience Fan has become an accessible tool. Rianne: “I thought that was essential. I often see that teachers think too complicatedly. Strengthening resilience is all about the small and everyday things, in doing and reflecting, over and over again.” Jelle also notices this in his group. “Children discover that they can tap into their own superpower anytime, anywhere. And that is priceless.”

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Every child deserves super strength

Resilience is a superpower in your head and your heart. It helps you deal with problems and difficult situations. It makes you stronger and makes you grow. No child can live without it – at school, at home, everywhere! But hundreds of thousands of children are so worried that they are unable to tap into their superpower. They struggle every day with poverty, loneliness and problems at home. Their lives lack a good basis for being resilient. Children's Postage Stamps does not abandon these children. Kinderpoststamps has been strengthening the resilience of children for 100 years - just like you as a teacher do every day. Together we give children superpower.

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