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Villa Pinedo

“If I hadn't had Buddy, I would never have felt so happy again.”

When parents separate, there must be the right support for children. Unfortunately, this is not always self-evident. A divorce is often not the biggest problem, but the way it is handled is. We think it is important that children receive support from others in the area, and that there is love and attention when things are not going well.

Together with Villa Pinedo, we ensure that children have an (online) place where they can be themselves and where they are really listened to. In an accessible way, children are given the space to talk about their parents' divorce, everything that comes with it and what they feel about it. They can contact Villa Pinedo for information, ask other children questions, share experiences or sign up for a Buddy. These are young experts who have divorced parents and have experienced the same thing.

When there is someone you can always turn to, who emphasizes that it is okay to feel what you feel, and who gives space for all your emotions, you regain your own strength: you feel stronger than before. This gives children perspective on the future and, thanks to tips and advice, they can discover for themselves how to deal with their parents' divorce. By investing in a strong foundation, these children also have the opportunity to just be children and develop themselves into self-reliant citizens.

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Maite (19 jaar)

Now I would like to help others

“When I was 13 years old my parents separated. There were a lot of arguments at home, my parents said unkind things about each other and I became a kind of messenger between the two of them. I had one friend who also had divorced parents, and I could talk to her about it a bit. But because her situation was very different, for example she no longer had contact with her father, I still felt lonely.

I felt stuck and felt a strong need to talk to someone about it.

At Villa Pinedo I signed up for a Buddy, hoping for a good click. And there it was! We had weekly contact, she often checked in with me and I could tell her everything. Her support helped me get through this intense period and process it. Moreover, I have now become a Buddy myself! I often get feedback that children see me as a big sister. They want to be heard and feel understood, but also ask for practical tips. This allows children to ask for help anonymously in a very accessible way. We help them through the divorce and can really be there for them. If that were not the case, I think many children would not be able to cope with the divorce well and might become stuck or develop psychological problems later. My own bad experience led to a positive change, and I can now help others with that too. How beautiful is that?”

*Maite is not in the photo*

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“My Buddy is like a diary, and the cool thing is that she talks back!”

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“I had no one else to talk to about the things in my head.”

last van mijn schouders

“I can talk to my Buddy about all my problems and he is always there for me. A burden has been lifted off my shoulders.”

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