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Vitalism buddies

Preventing children from getting into trouble

To prevent children from ending up in youth care, our partner Vitalis links children between the ages of 5 and 18 with an adult buddy. These are volunteers who provide extra support and attention and do fun things with them.

Full attention from a buddy

The match takes into account common interests, personalities and wishes, so that they fit together well. They then spend a few hours together every week for a year and do fun things. This could be anything: baking something tasty, playing games or going somewhere such as the park or the cinema.

More self-confidence and resilience

The one-on-one attention gives the child the opportunity to vent, but also to get away from the home situation for a while and just have fun. At the same time, their environment is expanded and their self-confidence and resilience grows, so that they are stronger in life.

Would you like to become a buddy yourself or would you like to know more? Then take a look at the website of our partner Vitalismaatjes.


Levi just comes to play every now and then

A good example of the buddy process is the story of Levi and Léonie. "People often have the feeling that you always have to do something big or exciting with a buddy, while doing something small is also very good." The other day we went to the zoo and Levi said, "Can't we go for a bike ride?"

together we give children superpower

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