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Projects for refugee children

Believe in yourself

Every child deserves a safe place, but for many children in the Netherlands that safety is not self-evident. For example, for children who have fled to the Netherlands and now live in an asylum seeker center. They have been through a lot and that is why stability, security and continuity are so important to them. An asylum seeker center is not the most suitable place for this and growing up there can pose a serious threat to their psychosocial health. Kinderposttempels therefore supports projects that give extra attention to these children. With our projects, together with our partners, we offer them stability and a listening ear, and the opportunity to be a child again through activities and workshops. So that self-confidence and resilience can grow again and they can develop as best as possible.

De Vrolijkheid: Activities provide distraction and increase self-confidence

It is important to have distractions and to be able to just be a child for a while - carefree. Stimulating children's creativity contributes greatly to healthy development. With our partner De Vrolijkheid we ensure that the young residents gain new experiences and can develop their talents. Creative workshops are organized in the centers together with a colorful group of volunteers, children, young people and parents. The children can express themselves and develop self-confidence through dance, theater, music, new media and visual arts. That increases their resilience.

Samah: Information and contact with fellow sufferers

Every year, thousands of unaccompanied minors flee to the Netherlands. These young people have gone through a traumatic time and live in shelters with many questions and uncertainty. "How do I get education", "what happens to me when I turn 18", "will my procedure go well?" With our partner SAMAH we give these young people a network of fellow sufferers and a place where they can go with all their questions. By visiting reception locations together with experienced experts, young people feel heard and supported.

Refugee work: Weekly information and a listening ear

Staying in an asylum seeker center is often an uncertain and exciting time for refugee children. Knowledge about their situation provides self-confidence and a sense of control. Together with our partner Vluchtelingenwerk, we offer these children a weekly place where they can relax and have fun, but also where they receive information about their situation and can tell their story. This reduces their stress and increases their resilience and self-confidence.

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