Zorgen voor dekinderen van morgen

Bequest to Children's Postage Stamps

Children have the future

Children's stamps is a household name for many people. They have good (childhood) memories of it. Maybe you also took part in the campaign as a child and helped other children? That is also our mission: Kinderposttempels is there for children who need it. Because the opportunities we get as children determine the rest of our lives.

But many people don't know what Kinderposttempels does for children and what we have made possible behind the scenes. Children's Stamps is a charity for and by children. For 100 years.


Children for each other

Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of children still struggle every day with problems, such as poverty, loneliness or problems at home. Many of these children do not have a safe place or lack support in their environment. A good foundation is lacking in their lives.
Children's Stamps is there for them. We provide very concrete help, for example with sports, games and school supplies, a safe place or a buddy. And we support projects that make children more resilient. We do this with and for children, 365 days a year. Want to know more about this?

Gratis boekje Mijn jeugdsherinneringen
Gratis boekje Mijn jeugdsherinneringen

Nu met gratis boekje Mijn jeugdherinneringen

Request our brochure

Would you like to know more about leaving a legacy for children? Request our brochure without obligation. You will find practical tips about the various options for leaving a legacy to Kinderposttempels and information about our projects for children.

You will now receive our exclusive booklet 'My childhood memories' for free. Here you can record your own childhood through inspiring questions. This creates a beautiful life document, valuable for yourself and your loved ones. Because everything we go through, all our experiences and life lessons, make us the people we are today. Memories tell something about you and the people you love. Write it down and pass it on.

How does bequeathing to Children's Stamps work?

You can include Children's Postage Stamps in your will. Kinderposttempels has ANBI status and, like many other charities, is exempt from inheritance tax. This way, your donation will fully benefit our work for children.
With your legacy you ensure that we help vulnerable children take a lasting step forward. So that they can develop and get the best out of themselves.
In our brochure you can read more about leaving a legacy and find practical tips about the various options for leaving a legacy to Children's Postage Stamps. You will also find our projects for children here.

uw persoonlijke wensen
uw persoonlijke wensen

Your personal wishes

How wonderful that you find it important that your ideals are realized even after your death. It's good that you are looking into this option through Kinderposttempels. We understand that you want to have this well arranged and on paper.
With an inheritance you can make a difference for the future of children. Children who don't have it that easy and who are sometimes 10-0 behind from the start. For example, because they grow up in poverty or do not have a safe home, are anxious or feel lonely.
Passing on your wishes to the new generation, what is important to you in this?

How do I arrange my inheritance?

More and more people are wondering how they can support a good cause like the Children's Postage Stamps Foundation through their will. What options are there? How is inheritance law structured? How do I draw up a will? Who will take care of my affairs if I can no longer do so myself?

Hoe regel ik mijn nalatenschap?
Hoe regel ik mijn nalatenschap?
Kirsten Snel
Kirsten Snel

I would be happy to assist you

My name is Kirsten Snel and I am happy to help you if you have any wishes or questions about leaving a legacy to Kinderposttempels. Or if you would like a personal conversation. You can contact me on 071 - 525 98 25. Or via kirstens@kinderposttempels.nl .

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