Together towards equal development opportunities for children!

As a company looking for a way to make an impact for children? Kinderposttempels often collaborates with companies and organizations that consider it important to do business in a socially responsible manner.

Every child deserves equal opportunities. But too many kids are already 10-0 behind from the start. For example, because they grow up in poverty or do not have a safe home, are anxious or feel lonely. We are there for these children, 365 days a year. Because every child deserves equal development opportunities.

We offer exciting programs , raise funds to develop them and enable children to help each other. And that's important, because today's children are the adults
of tomorrow.

There is so much to do, we cannot do it alone. That is why your company's support is desperately needed.

By supporting Kinderpoststamps you connect your company to a well-known and valued brand. We have been working to improve the development opportunities of children since 1924. Moreover, with our annual children's stamp campaign we reach approximately 2 million households, 200,000 students and 10,000 teachers!

Contributing to equal development opportunities for children can be done in many ways

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We believe in tailor-made creative and strategic partnerships. Our strategic partnerships relationship manager, Elfi Josemans , is happy to think with you about the possibilities for your company. Contact us at or by telephone at 06-52833578.