A safe place for all children

Every child needs a safe place. A place where you can be yourself, where you can relax and where there are people you can turn to. Because you can only develop yourself from that solid foundation.

Unfortunately, there are many children who do not have a safe place. This may be because there are serious problems in the family, as a result of which 'home' is no longer a happy place for the child. Or because a child has to deal with youth care, foster care or emergency care.

Children who lack a safe place experience great unrest and uncertainty in their lives. They may feel like they are completely alone. And that affects everything. The lives of these children lack a good basis for being resilient. While no child can live without it – at school, at home, everywhere! Because resilience is like a superpower in your head and heart that helps you in difficult situations.

Children's Postage Stamps does not abandon these children. For example, we help them with guidance in their foster family or with a safe place in emergency or asylum shelter. This is how we strengthen the resilience of children, together with you. And that has been the case for 100 years! Together we give children superpower.

'Just the idea that I can call on you gives me relief'

- Foster parent Mockingbird program

The Netherlands in figures

230,000 children in the Netherlands grow up below the poverty line

1 in 4 children has a parent with an addiction or psychological problems

1 in 8 children receives youth care

Source figures: CPB, CBS and Trimbos Institute

Projects in the spotlight

Een stabiel thuis voor pleegkinderen

In the Netherlands, approximately 23,000 children stay in a foster family every year because they (temporarily) cannot live with their parents. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of foster families and many foster parents quit prematurely, resulting in children being transferred again and again.

To prevent this, we brought Mockingbird to the Netherlands in 2021.

Een plek waar je je even kunt terugtrekken

It is important for children in a foster family to have their own room. A place where they can retreat and have some privacy. But not every foster family has enough rooms. To offer more children a home, the foster family sometimes needs to be renovated.

Together with our partner Foster Family Support, Kinderposttempels helps foster parents with this.

Dans en sport bijtraumaverwerking

Unfortunately, many traumatized girls live in secret shelters in the Netherlands. For example, these girls have had to deal with domestic violence, lover boys or human trafficking. The isolation of such a shelter offers safety but does not help with the trauma.

Together with our partner Move Forward, we offer these girls dance and sports as part of their trauma processing.

Samen sterk

Our project partners

Children's stamps have been strengthening the resilience of children for 100 years. Our project partners are indispensable in this regard. Together with them we ensure that children have a strong safety net. A safe place. Thanks to our project partners, we can give every child exactly what they need.

Together with these project partners we provide a safe place for every child:

together we give children superpower

For 100 years