All children go to school happily

Every child should be able to go to school happily. With a free head so you can get around to learning. And with sports, games and school supplies so that you can participate with peers.

Unfortunately, there are many children who cannot go to school happily. For example, because there is no money in the family for the necessary items. Serious problems at home can also cause a child to worry too much and therefore not perform well at school.

Children who cannot go to school happily run the risk of getting stuck at school and not being able to participate without worries with their peers. The lives of these children lack a good basis for being resilient. While no child can live without it – at school, at home, everywhere! Because resilience is like a superpower in your head and heart that helps you in difficult situations.

Children's Postage Stamps does not abandon these children. For example, we help them with guidance or with school supplies. A sturdy backpack that you can use every day. Gym clothes that are intact and trainers that fit. This is how we strengthen the resilience of children, together with you. And that has been the case for 100 years! Together we give children superpower.

“A single mother could not afford swimming lessons for her three children. The school and apartment in which this family lives is located right along the water. With financial help, these children could learn to swim.”

- Primary school teacher

The Netherlands in figures

230,000 children in the Netherlands grow up below the poverty line

1 in 4 children has a parent with an addiction or psychological problems

1 in 8 children receives youth care

Source figures: CPB, CBS and Trimbos Institute

Projects in the spotlight

voortijdig schoolverlaten voorkomen

Not all children receive (enough) support at home to do well at school. The situation at home can influence school results. Some children are therefore more at risk of dropping out of school, with consequences for the rest of their lives.

Together with our partner School's cool, we are there for these children.

meedoen op school

Children from poor families have fewer opportunities than children from richer families. They have fewer relaxation options, fewer development opportunities, and fewer facilities at home. Financial problems and worries at home lead to stress and lower school performance in children. The result of this is increasing inequality of opportunity.

Together with the Youth Education Fund, we ensure that these children can also develop to their maximum potential.

een maatje voorextra aandacht

Children who are new to the Netherlands can have a lot of difficulty keeping up at school. Our current education system does not always take into account the challenges this group faces. This puts them at risk of falling behind.

Together with our partner Thuisonderwijsmaatjes, we ensure that these children are linked to a buddy.

Samen sterk

Our project partners

Children's stamps have been strengthening the resilience of children for 100 years. Our project partners are indispensable in this regard. Together with them we ensure that children have a strong safety net. We help children develop social-emotional skills that will help them feel more confident. Thanks to our project partners, we can give every child exactly what they need.

Together with these project partners, we ensure that every child can go to school happily:

together we give children superpower

For 100 years