Loving attention for all children

Every child needs loving attention. Someone who sees and hears you. Someone you can talk to and do fun things with. Someone from whom you get support and support.

Unfortunately, there are many children who have no one to turn to. For example, if there are financial worries in the family that consume the parents. Or if one of the parents has an addiction or psychological problems, which means they cannot be there for the child.

Children who lack loving attention become increasingly isolated. They walk around with far too many worries and their world becomes smaller and smaller. The lives of these children lack a good basis for being resilient. While no child can live without it – at school, at home, everywhere! Because resilience is like a superpower in your head and heart that helps you in difficult situations.

Children's Postage Stamps does not abandon these children. For example, we help them with a buddy who provides support and guidance, or with training that puts the child on a stronger footing. This is how we strengthen the resilience of children, together with you. And that has been the case for 100 years! Together we give children superpower.

'A learning goal for Curt was to trust people more, that has to do with his past. I think he's made quite some progress in that!'

- Foster father Curt

The Netherlands in figures

230,000 children in the Netherlands grow up below the poverty line

1 in 4 children has a parent with an addiction or psychological problems

1 in 8 children receives youth care

Source figures: CPB, CBS and Trimbos Institute

Projects in the spotlight

Vol zelfvertrouwen naar school

Sometimes, for whatever reason, things don't go well at school and a child can't figure out what's going on. This can lead to little self-confidence and lack of motivation. Then school is no fun at all. We want to change that!

Together with our partner Playing for Success, we offer these children the opportunity to build a good dose of self-confidence.

Het goede voorbeeld geven

In some neighborhoods, many children grow up with a lack of attention, money, perspective or even love. Because they often feel misunderstood, unheard and frustrated, they rebel against society and all imposed negative labels are confirmed.

With the help of coaches and the efforts of the children themselves, we help them move forward together with our partner Triple ThreaT. So that children and young people can develop and make optimal use of their qualities.”

een maatje voorextra aandacht

Sometimes children do not get the attention they need at home. This could be due to, for example, a sick parent or an unpleasant divorce. Lack of attention makes them vulnerable and can get them into trouble.

Together with our partner Vitalismaatjes, we ensure that these children have a buddy who gives them extra support and attention.

Samen sterk

Our project partners

Children's stamps have been strengthening the resilience of children for 100 years. Our project partners are indispensable in this regard. Together with them we ensure that children have a strong safety net. Get support from the environment. Thanks to our project partners, we can give every child exactly what they need.

Together with these project partners, we provide loving attention for every child:

together we give children superpower

For 100 years